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Server administrators and/or committers of a Subversion repository can limit CommitMonitor from accessing the repository too often or do automatic diffs.

This is what the svnrobots.txt file is for. CommitMonitor looks for such a file and uses its content to limit the check interval time and/or disallow automatic diffs.

The format of the file is simple:

# this is an example svnrobots.txt file
# the checkinterval line sets the minimum interval in minutes between
# update checks:
checkinterval = 90
# the disallowautodiff line if it's present forces the check apps
# to *not* do automatic diffs:

# the 'search path' used to find the svnrobots.txt file is as follows,
# assuming the monitored URL is
# (web root)
#  (repository root)
# the first found file is used to limit the commit monitor.