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Command line parameters for grepWin

/help, /?, /aboutshows the about dialog
/portablestores ini settings file in the same directory as the one in which grepwin.exe resides
/searchpath:"path"sets the path to search in
/searchfor:"regex or text"fills the regex to search with
/regex:[yes|no]sets whether the /searchfor text is a regex or normal text, default is regex
/filemaskregex:"regex"sets the file mask as a regex
/filemask:"string"sets the file mask
/direxcluderegex:"string"sets the exclude dirs regex mask
/replacewith:"string"sets the replace-with string
/execute /executesearchif specified, the search is started immediately without the user having to click the search button first
/executereplaceif specified, the replace is started immediately without the user having to click the replace button first . Note: if /k is not specified, grepWin will ask whether to do the replace without creating backups.
/closedialogcloses the dialog after the command has finished.
/i:[yes|no]case insensitive
/n:[yes|no]dot matches newline
/k:[yes|no]create backups
/utf8:[yes|no]treat files as utf8
/size:sizelimitsets the file size limit. Pass -1 to use all sizes
/sizecmp:[0|1|2]compare setting for the size limit: 0 = less than, 1 = equal to, 2 = greater than
/s:[yes|no]include system items
/h:[yes|no]include hidden items
/u:[yes|no]include subfolders
/b:[yes|no]include binary files
/contentif set, the search results are listed by content instead of files
/preset:"name"if set, uses the settings from the named preset
/datelimit:[0|1|2|3]Sets the date filter:
  • 0 : No date filter
  • 1 : Search for files newer than
  • 2 : Search for files older than
  • 3 : Search for files between date
The date(s) are set with /date1:"YYYY:MM:DD" and /date2:"YYYY:MM:DD".