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Command line parameters for grepWin

/help, /?, /aboutshows the about dialog
/portablestores ini settings file in the same directory as the one in which grepwin.exe resides
/searchpath:"path"sets the path to search in
/searchfor:"regex or text"fills the regex to search with
/regex:[yes|no]sets whether the /searchfor text is a regex or normal text, default is regex

specifies an ini file which contains all the values usually passed on the command line

you can use sections to specifiy different sets of commands. To specify which section is used, pass the /name:"sectionname" argument

the entries in the ini file are named the same as the command line arguments


the ini file must be saved in utf8 format

/nosavesettingsprevents grepWin from saving any of the settings/history items.
/filemaskregex:"regex"sets the file mask as a regex
/filemask:"string"sets the file mask
/direxcluderegex:"string"sets the exclude dirs regex mask
/replacewith:"string"sets the replace-with string
/execute /executesearchif specified, the search is started immediately without the user having to click the search button first
/executereplaceif specified, the replace is started immediately without the user having to click the replace button first. Note: if /k is not specified, grepWin will ask whether to do the replace without creating backups.
/executecaptureif specified, a capture search is started immediately without the user having to click the capture search button first.
/closedialogcloses the dialog after the command has finished.
/i:[yes|no]case insensitive
/n:[yes|no]dot matches newline
/k:[yes|no]create backups
/keepfiledate:[yes|no]keeps the original file dates when replacing text
/wholewords:[yes|no]text search for whole words only
/utf8:[yes|no]treat files as utf8
/size:sizelimitsets the file size limit. Pass -1 to use all sizes
/sizecmp:[0|1|2]compare setting for the size limit: 0 = less than, 1 = equal to, 2 = greater than
/s:[yes|no]include system items
/h:[yes|no]include hidden items
/u:[yes|no]include subfolders
/l:[yes|no]include symlinks
/b:[yes|no]include binary files
/contentif set, the search results are listed by content instead of files
/preset:"name"if set, uses the settings from the named preset
/datelimit:[0|1|2|3]Sets the date filter:
  • 0 : No date filter
  • 1 : Search for files newer than
  • 2 : Search for files older than
  • 3 : Search for files between date
The date(s) are set with /date1:"YYYY:MM:DD" and /date2:"YYYY:MM:DD".