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Evernote2Onenote is a small tool to import Evernote notebooks to Onenote.

main dialog

Evernote2Onenote requires .NET Framework 4.8. You can get this via Windows update or directly from here.

Details: how it works

You can export your Evernote notebooks as an ENEX file. This file is then used by Evernote2Onenote to import those notebooks into Onenote.


Evernote2Onenote requires that Onenote is installed.

Desktop version

The preinstalled versions of Onenote from the Windows App Store won't work. You need the desktop version of Onenote!

How to use

Start Evernote2Onenote, then select the the options you want for your import. Usually the default options are good enough. Then click the "Import ENEX file" button, select the exported notebook file from Evernote. After that the import starts and imports all the notes into Onenote.

Evernote tags

For Onenote that comes with Office:

Notes are imported to Onenote in a tab that has the same name as the tag the note has. If a note has multiple tags, that note is imported multiple times to Onenote, so you get duplicate notes!

To avoid duplicate notes, you should first remove duplicate tags from your notes in Evernote. The easiest way to do that is to create an empty new notebook, export your real notebook in enex format and uncheck tags from the export options. Then import that enex file into the new notebook. And then of course only import that new notebook into Onenote.


Evernote2Onenote does not require installation. It can be run from any place. Just double-click on the file to run it.

Report problems

In case you encounter a bug or some other problem, please file an issue in the issue tracker.


Evernote2Onenote is open source (GNU GPL v3). You can get the source code from the GitHub project page. The source is in a subfolder for the EvImSync project since a lot of the code is similar to that project.

If you just want the compiled application, get it from the download page.